Me and my dog “Diego”. about me

Hi, I’m Tony Tremblay

About Me: I have a technical formation in Electronics, options Radio Communications, Computers and Networks. I worked in electronics for about 25 years. You probably guessed it, I love Electronic Gadgets and Technical Stuff .. just like Photography.. ;).

For the last 15 years tough, I’ve been working, for what used to be my hobby when I was working in Electronics, Photography.

Yep, I’m also a photographer, although I have never follow any course on the subject and don’t have any diploma or certificate whatsoever. As I always say, it’s all in the eye of the person who shoot the photo. I learn it all by myself from what I found on the Internet and in books. Like a big boy.

From time to time, I’m also teaching others photographers my way of making a living with photography. Stuff that schools don’t really tells you.

I started a blog to share my experience on subjects that people ask me often:  Photography, Computers, Internet, Blogs and my Innovative ways to use New Technology.  My blog is still young and it takes time to build it all. If a page is not complete and you want more information on something, you can ask me by email.

The picture above was taken with a Ricoh Theta S 360 degrees camera. If you click on the image, you will visit my 360 Degrees Portrait Facebook page. “Amazing stuff”…


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