• How to get the best from your camera

    Make perfect pictures, what every photographers aspire..

    I have been a Professional photographer for the last 15 years, I can help you with this. There are a few tricks you need to know if you really want to get perfect pictures. Let me show you the most important ones:

    Depth of field ajustment:

    What’s in front and at the back of the object get blurred at larger aperture (F1.4), and get sharper as you lower the aperture toward (F22).  People portrait image look better with large apertures, but nature landscape are better at smaller apertures.  To change Aperture, you have to set your camera on “Aperture Priority”. See the effects below:dof

    Rule of Thirds:

    Subject should not be right in the middle, if you really want a well composed image. It’s a well known rule, that every Professional Photographers knows and applies. You have to split your image in three horizontally and vertically sections, and compose your image so your subject is on the intersecting lines. It makes the image more interesting. Just like this:rule-of-thirds-vertical

    Focusing at the right place:

    Most of the time the main subject should be in focus. When shooting people, focus should almost always be on the eyes. On the image below, the focus point was at the wrong place:backgound_focus_problem1

    Don’t Cut Off Limbs:

    Nobody look good with only one arm or leg, and your cat or dog won’t either with theirs tails or pawns cut off.badcropping

    Watch your background:

    Don’t have things in the background that distract people attention from your main subject. On this image, the stairs and car in the back are distracting and should be removed:backgound_problem1

    Use Lines and repetitive shapes or pattern.

    Like this:repetitive

    Consider Adding Movement:

    This image was created with the camera following the moto.movement

    Look For Symmetry.


    Compose with colors:

    Colorful images are always pleasing to the eyes.

    Use your camera Macro to get close-up:

    Macro on most camera is represent by a small “tulip” flower.

    Macro is when you want to take close-up of small subjects, like flowers, insect,etc.


    Turn off the in-camera flash:

      Camera flash rarely permit to get perfect pictures, they make flat dull and washed-up images.  On most camera, the flash is represent by a small lightning icon that permit you do disable it.

    Use the twilights:

    What we call twilight are the 40 minutes before sunrise and the 40 minutes after the Sunset. At those times, you can balance the light from the sky to city lightings. You just get perfect pictures compared to what you can get during day time or in complete night time.

    Boston city at twilight time

    Here’s also some exemples from Google Images 

    Shoot Photogenic People:

    What look nice in reality also look nice on photo.  Most of the photographies I sold online, were from people that also look good in person. They might cost a little bit more to hire, but the rewards are really worth the effort. It is simply more profitable.

    Photogenic woman

    – These are the basic skills you have to master, if you want to get perfect images. I also strongly suggest adding some Photoshop Skills too.

    You can visit my portfolio to see results from these photography hints.

    Learn these techniques and improve your photography skills.

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    How to get the best from your camera
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    How to get the best from your camera
    Make perfect pictures, what every photographers aspire.. I have been a Professional photographer for the last 15 years, I can help you with this
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