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    Welcome to The Ricoh Theta S 360 Degrees Digital Camera Review:

    The Ricoh Theta S 360 Degrees Digital Camera Review, is about a compact size device, that capture impressive full 360° spherical images and videos.

    RicohTheta S Digital Digital Camera Image

    The Theta S is simply composed of 2 fish-eye lenses back to back. A software link the two resulting images together, the result therefore is you don’t (or rarely) see the joint between the two sections.


    -8 GB Memory: which give approximatively 1600 images or 65 mins of Video


    -Using its Wi-Fi and mobile apps, you can control the camera, and then edit and share photos and video. The Ricoh Theta S connects to your Android or iOS phone via Wi-Fi.

    -If you don’t have a mobile phone, you just push the shutter button.

    RicohTheta S Digital Digital Camera and phone ImageRicohTheta S Digital Digital Camera with phone application


    Micro-hdmi video output connector. (No cable supplied)

    Micro-USB for data transfert and charging the internal battery. (Cable is supply with the camera)

    Tripod Screw mount

    The Ricoh Theta S 360 Degrees Digital Camera bottom view with protective pocket

    Suggested Uses:

    -It is compatible with the Google Street View application available in your mobile store. The application allows you to capture and publish your spherical images instantly in Google Maps, for people all over the world to see.

    – Can easily be use to create 360 degrees pictures for Real Estate imagery.

    *** See Result 360 Images Here ***

    Others Similar cameras:

    Samsung Gear 360 (Works only on Samsung Phone) $335

    LG 360 Cam $160 (Lower Image Quality)



    – Relatively Small and Lightweight. (Size is about the same as an Iphone 5C, so it fits easily into most clothing pockets).

    – Impressive 360° images and videos

    – Ease of use (4 buttons : Power, Wi-fi, Picture/Video Select, Shutter)

    – Price is affordable compared to higher end camera


    – Must be careful not to let the camera fall on the side, so it won’t scratch one of the lenses. Keep it in its protective pocket when not used !!

    – Videos are a bit heavy to publish on internet. Therefore, most sites (like facebook and Youtube) will scale down the video, so the resulting video suffer a bit.

    – Must use the Ricoh Theta Website to publish effectively.

    – Battery last only one hour.

    Price:  $346.95  on Amazon.com

    ** What can I say, I bought this camera and loved it so much, that I decided to make a review of it. Nobody ask me to review it, so it’s an un-bias Review. I really enjoy using this camera, it takes really amazing group picture that are sure to always impress. I installed it on my small Remote Control Car, and make amazing 360 degrees videos. So, I would certainly recommend it. **

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